SN4500 4-ATI Primary Navigation Display

The SN4500 4×4 Primary Navigation Display upgrades your cockpit with the bright, wide-angle display technology found in the latest generation of aircraft. Boasting a high- reliability LED backlight, the SN4500’s display outperforms CRT and LCD screens, yielding unprecedented readability and ease of use. Simplifying navigation, the SN4500 also enhances safety with its standard Stormscope® and traffic. Available with night vision option and TACAN support as well.

Operational Benefits

  • Full-color moving map NAV
  • 180º vertical and horizontal readability in sunlight
  • GPSS/Roll Steering and Reversionary Attitude software options are standard with every unit.
  • Full-color moving map supporting GPS- or FMS-supplied waypoints, heading, bearing pointers for VOR and ADF, DME display and marker beacons
  • Traffic display of TAS/TCAD/TCAS/ADS-B In with compatible equipment.
  • Internal Jeppesen NavData™ database
  • One-touch toggle between 360-degree compass and 70-degree ARC view
  • Auto-slew function simplifies waypoint sequencing and Direct-To GPS navigation
  • One-touch declutter
  • FAA approved for primary flight display
  • Designed for turbine-powered fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters
  • NVIS option available

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