SN3500 3-ATI Primary Navigation Display

Compact and reliable, the SN3500 Primary Navigation Display is a sunlight readable, ultra-wide-angle LED-backlit display which combines advanced navigation capabilities with a full range of safety functions.

Incorporating the equivalent of a four-inch screen in a three-inch instrument, the SN3500 improves situational awareness by presenting compass, map, flight plan and RMI data in a bright, crisp, easy-to-read format. With LED backlighting the SN3500 is a proven and reliable drop-in replacement for your current 3-inch HSI. The SN3500 is both an easy and affordable retrofit for your aircraft or rotorcraft. Available with night vision option and TACAN support as well.

Operational & Functional Benefits

  • Bright, high-resolution, sunlight-readable LED-backlit display
  • 180-degree vertical and lateral viewing angle
  • GPSS/Roll Steering option included
  • Upgradeable system combines navigation with safety options such as weather information from an L-3 Stormscope®
  • >10,000 hour MTBF
  • Internal Jeppesen NavData™ database
  • Full-color moving map Nav
  • TSO’d and STC approved for use as a primary heading and Nav display
  • Vibration-resistant version optional for helicopter operations
  • Optional TACAN interface shows bearing and distance from one or two sources. Compatible with ARINC 429, ARINC 419 or XYZ Synchro output from TACAN
  • receivers.
  • NVIS option available
  • Reversionary Attitude software option

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