SA4550 4-ATI Primary Attitude Display

The SA4550 Primary Attitude Display upgrades electromechanical ADIs to an LED-backlit display with pilot configurable single or dual-cue flight director command bars, and a glideslope/localizer deviation scale. These convenience features include a fast/slow indicator and mode annunciations to make flying easier and safer. A pilot-selectable single-cue/split-cue display option is also available. For ease of installation, it is plug compatible with various Sperry, Collins and King indicators. The SA4550 accepts input from existing sensors to provide a clear, reliable depiction of the aircraft’s attitude in pitch and roll. Along with patented bright, high-contrast display―the same technology used in military aircraft―you get unmatched readability in any lighting, while eliminating the high maintenance costs and potential for failure associated with older electromechanical units.

Operational Benefits

  • Bright, high-resolution, sunlight-readable LED-backlit displays
  • 180-degree vertical and lateral viewing angle
  • FAA approved for primary flight display
  • Compatible with 4-in., 4×5-in., and 5-in. panel cutouts
  • >10,000 hour MTBF
  • Night Vision option available

Product Images