ST3400 Software Information

ST3400 Software Version History

​Note: Software versions denoted with ‘A’ are applicable only to Mod A hardware (serial numbers 2000 through 6-7349).
Software versions denoted with ‘B’ are applicable only to Mod B hardware (serial numbers 6-7350 and higher).

B3.15 – Released 8/29/2016
  • Added support for APN-194 radar altimeter.
A3.15 – Released 8/29/2016
  • No operational changes
A3.14/B3.14 – Released 4/24/2014
  • Corrects potential communications issue with RS-232 GPS data during power-on sequence.
B3.13 – Released 2/14/2014
  • Support of ST3400 Mod B hardware.
​A3.13 – Released 4/10/2008
  • Corrected possible unintentional activation of RMI display mode.
A3.12 – Released 3/12/2008
  • Factory testing.
A3.11 – Released 2/14/2008
  • Added support for LED backlighting.
A3.10 – Released 6/18/2007
  • Added option for alternate FLTA alert audio.
  • Added selectable pilot/co-pilot position setting for bearing pointer colors.
  • Removes possible erroneous TAWS FAIL indication on RMI and TCAS displays.
A3.09 – Released 3/10/2006
  • Reduction of nuisance alerting for systems using analog air data computers operating in temperatures below standard by 20 degrees or more Celsius.
A3.08 – Released 2/24/2005
  • Added support for separate analog LOC and VOR input.
  • Added interface for ARINC 575.
  • Added ARINC 565 coarse and fine synchro interface for PA and CBA selections.
  • Added additional validity check for PDA.
  • Extended database coverage to 73N latitude.
A3.07 – Released 11/10/2004
  • Added support for CIC 020702 air data computer.
  • Modified filtering for radar altimeter data to reduce nuisance alerts.
  • Changed default calibration value for composite NAV interface.
A3.06 – Released 9/07/2004
  • Corrected display of composite NAV bearing pointer information.
  • Corrected operation of external TAWS inhibit switch.
  • Modified operation of ARINC 429 magnetic heading data.
A3.05 – Released 8/03/2004
  • Factory testing.
A3.04 – Released 7/28/2004
  • Factory testing.
A3.03 – Released 7/15/2004
  • Change to support Mod A hardware.
  • Self-test will operate all external annunciator lamps.
  • TCAS key code not overwritten by configuration module.
  • Display auto-dim function enabled.
  • Improved lamp monitoring function.
  • Corrected display of flight plans from KLN-94.
3.07 – Released 10/14/2004
  • Corrected display of composite NAV bearing pointer information.
  • Modified operation of ARINC 429 magnetic heading data.
  • Modified filtering of radar altimeter data to reduce nuisance alerts.
  • Changed default calibration value for composite NAV interface.
3.02 – Released 4/16/2004
  • Ensure P3-8 “TCAS INH” function operates during maintenance page operations so it can also be used as “audio enable”.
3.01 – Released 3/16/2004
  • Displayed TRK is flagged when it should not be flagged.
3.00 – Released 2/25/2004
  • Implement a TAS/TCAS function.
  • Implement a secondary VSI channel to support adjustment for TCAS-II VSI display.
  • Added optional 400,300,200,100,50,40,30,20,10′ callouts from RA.
  • Allow selection of function of P3-8 discrete to support TCAS and external GPWS FAIL.
  • Added optional DH callout.
  • Added optional input for GS OVRD external switch.
  • Added optional input for FLAPS OVRD external switch.
  • Added optional BC discrete input to inhibit GS alert.
  • Added processing to support FreeFlight 1201 GPS/WAAS module.
  • Improved power fail recovery when power fail spike falls outside of DO-160D parameters.
  • Improved OAT processing (new configuration).
  • Improved handling of ADF bearing on maintenance page.
  • Flaps threshold not being stored in NVS.
  • Improve available configurations of additional equipment.
  • Increase amount of time unit will record data past 10 hours.
  • Relocated annunciations to support inclusion of TCAS.
  • Support a configuration with Pressure Alt but without CBA.
  • Improved tests to split pressure and CBA altitudes to better show if correct source is being used.
  • Added ramp down audio output at end of clip to reduce noise.
  • Added reduced low-end of brightness adjustment.
2.04 – Released 1/13/2004
  • Assure enough time to read the full parameter block during power-up.
2.03 – Released 9/11/2003
  • Lamp cycle counter counts multiple times on system turn-on.
  • Lamp hours resets on software upload.
  • Lamp hours updated when displaying splash screen, fatal error or CM information.
  • Altitude values in the Himalayan mountains are sometimes treated as negative values, or ocean-code.
2.02 – Released 8/10/2003
  • Make provision for radar altimeter RT100.
  • Incorporated support AHRS, 429, heading status input with roll angle.
  • Improved startup operation.
  • Incorporated on Ground Disable of Class B alerts.
  • Incorporated selection for additional GPS receivers.
  • Assured waypoint text always shown.
  • Incorporated support additional support for airdata computers.
  • Added ranges lower than 5nm.
  • Improve fail equipment errors.
  • Added new discrete out.
  • Activate Config Module.
  • Improve handling of and added some maintenance Mode items in software.
  • Code style improvements.
​2.01 – Released 4/17/2003
  • Supports Shadin Serial ADC input.
  • Support for synchro flap input.
  • Improved handling of partial inverter failure.
2.00 – Released 2/25/2003
  • Supports GPS altitude from Garmin 400/500 series GPS receivers.
  • Supports pressure altitude input from ARINC 429 ADC.
  • Improved display of GPS flight plans.
  • Corrected display of flight plan when direct-to on GPS is used to bypass waypoints.
  • Supports KRA-405 and RT-100 radar altimeters.
  • Added display of course line when GPS is in OBS mode.
  • Improved GPWS Mode 5 logic.
  • Supports analog OAT probe input.
  • Supports high speed ARINC 429 GPS/FMS input.
  • Support AZ-252 ADC.
  • Improved display processing routines.
1.05 – Released 11/01/2002
  • Support Collins ADC-80.
  • Improve USB port performance.
  • Support discrete input for radar altimeter failure.
1.04 – Released 6/28/2002
  • Initial release.