SN4500 Software Information

SN4500 Software Version History

​A2.09 – Released 10/28/2022
  • ​For units with MOD A hardware only. (Serial numbers 9-3250 and higher.)
  • Add ADS-B transponders to list of Traffic input devices. Provide ADS-B In Traffic display in accordance with TSO-195b and DO-317B.
  • Add Pop-up Slaving Meter to HSI Display. Pop-up will show when FG HDG and the Display HDG differ for an extended period of time and amount.
A2.06 – Released 4/24/2015
  • For units with MOD A hardware only. (Serial numbers 9-3250 and higher.)
  • Improved display performance at very low brightness settings.
A2.05 – Released 1/24/2014
  • For units with MOD A hardware only. (Serial numbers 9-3250 and higher.)
  • Added selection for Garmin GTN6XX/7XX to GPS-1 and GPS-2 maintenance pages. (Operation is identical to Garmin GNS430 selection.)
2.05 – Released 9/21/2012
  • Adds optional LNAV Roll Steering capability. (Feature is standard on new shipments. Older units require purchase of key code to activate following software update to 2.05.)
  • Improved external brightness control operation.
  • Improved card stabilization from fluxgate from inverter failure when using ARINC 407 (XYZ) DG and internal slaving.
  • Improved electrical resolution of ARINC 407 bootstrap compass output to improve operation in helicopters using this output for a yaw damper.
  • Added support for multi-channel DME.
  • Improved display of reversionary attitude when using external AHRS.
  • Added installer option for display of heading bug in white.
  • Added installer option to remove pilot selection of auto-slew off.
  • Added installer option for DME source when using XYZ TACAN interface.
  • Modified installer options for configuration module read/write operation.
  • Improved fluxgate operation at high latitudes.
​2.01 – Released 3/25/2010
  • ​Change to localizer unflagging when using composite localizer input.
2.00 – Released 3/19/2009
  • Reversionary Attitude Mode available as option when using Sandel SG102 ARHS or other ARINC 429 AHRS as primary heading source.
1.05 – Released 11/20/2008
  • Added annunciators for GPS selected approach type.
  • Moved position of GPS Integrity annunciator.
  • Increased NAV database memory size to support larger number of airports in worldwide database.
  • Changed operation when installed as Heading Repeater.
  • Added digital display for brightness level.
  • Added option for TACAN NAV receiver selection.
  • Added support for NVIS operation.
  • Updated WSI Satellite Weather Interface.
  • Corrected possible resetting of unit.
1.04 – Released 4/18/2008
  • Updated WSI Satellite Weather interface.
  • Corrected possible resetting of unit.
1.03 – Released 12/21/2007
  • Added an annunciator for GPS Integrity (ARINC Label 261 only).
  • Associated the ILS Energize output with active GPS approach.
  • Added extended resolution for lateral guidance (ARINC Labels 116 and 326 only).
  • Added support for WSI AV300/350 satellite weather receivers.
  • Supports connecting USB cable while SN4500 is powered.
1.02 – Released 3/27/2007
  • Corrected improper back course operation.
1.01 – Released 11/7/2006
  • Commercial release.
1.00 – Released 2/9/2006
  • Initial release.