SN3500 Software Information

SN3500 Software Version History

Note: SN3500 units without LED backlighting can only be updated to software version 4.03.

A4.08 – Released 10/5/2018
  • ​Added installation configuration item to select ARINC 429 AHRS Status Label 270 definition
  • Improved low brightness peformance in NVIS mode for SN3500-xxxx units
A4.07 – Released 7/7/2014
  • Added support of heading information from the Mid-Continent 4305 directional gyro.
A4.06 – Released 1/24/2014
  • ​For units with MOD A hardware only. (Serial numbers 5-4500 and higher.)
  • Increased tolerance for fluxgate input to prevent premature flagging at high latitudes.
  • Added selection for Garmin GTN6XX/7XX to GPS-1 and GPS-2 maintenance pages. (Operation is identical to Garmin GNS430 selection).
4.05 – Released 3/2/2012
  • Adds optional LNAV Roll Steering capability. (Feature is standard on new shipments. Older units require purchase of key code to activate following software update to 4.05.)
4.04 – Released 12/5/2011
  • ​Changed error handling of heading when using ARINC 407 (XYZ) due to loss of inverter.
  • Improved electrical resolution of ARINC 407 bootstrap compass output.
4.03 – Released 11/20/2010
  • ​Improved TACAN receiver self-test display.
  • Improved external brightness trim setting.
  • Increased resolution of heading and course datum output signals.
4.02 – Released 6/4/2010
  • ​Improved TACAN display for self-test and negative range rates.
  • Power-on restore of brightness setting for NVIS operations.
  • TACAN relay output discrete for external annunciation.
  • New reversionary attitude control input for installations with analog DME.
  • New external brightness control input.
  • Heading bug selectable to orange or white.
4.01 – Released 8/27/2009
  • ​ARINC 429 test mode indication.
  • Extended AC inverter range (240 – 560Hz).
  • Additional data recording items.
4.00 – Released 5/27/2009
  • ​Reversionary Attitude Mode available as option when using Sandel SG102 ARHS or other ARINC 429 AHRS as primary heading source.
  • Data recording of SG102 data for AHRS diagnostics.
  • Slight change in font including the ‘nm’ character to replace the ‘m’ character in all distance displays.
  • Supports multi-channel DMEs.
3.06 – Released 12/11/2008
  • Corrects automatic navigation source selection syncing with Garmin receivers.
3.05 – Released 9/15/2008
  • Added annunciators for GPS WAAS selected approaches (ARINC Label 261 only).
  • GPS Integrity Annunciator position moved to the upper right portion of the display co-located with the GPS WAAS selected approach
  • annunciation.
  • Added support for NVIS operation.
3.04 – Released 8/4/2008
  • Added support for TACAN.
3.03 – Released 4/21/2008
  • Updated WSI satellite weather interface.
3.02 – Released 11/19/2007
  • Added GPS Integrity annunciation (ARINC Label 261 only).
  • Associated ILS Energize output with active GPS approach.
  • Added extended resolution for lateral guidance (ARINC Labels 116 and 325 only).
  • Added support for WSI AV300/350 satellite weather receivers.
  • Added high-speed ARINC 429 GPS selection.
  • Supports connecting USB cable while SN3500 is powered.
3.01 – Released 9/29/2006
  • Changed heading operation during first two minutes after startup to revert to fast slave mode in installations where a KG 102 gyro input is flagged as invalid.
  • Corrected issue with incorrect heading display during extended high-rate turns (more than 10 minutes) in installations with a KG 102 gyro input.
  • Added smoothing to compass card display when using XYZ heading input.
  • Corrected display of flight plan course line when GPS is set to OBS mode to address scenario where course line could flash.
  • Corrected situation in installations with WSI but no WX-500 input where pressing and holding the WX button would cause a system restart.
  • Disabled heading bug sync function of heading knob during map menu operations.
  • Map scratchpad memory retained during power cycle.
  • Added null calibration capability to lateral and vertical deviation outputs on Maintenance Page 10.
  • Added separate calibration settings for heading and course FCS deviation outputs on Maintenance Page 9.
  • Corrected display of equipment active status indicators on Maintenance Page 13.
  • Corrected operation of GPS Vertical Deviation selection menu when an ARINC 429 GPS is selected on Maintenance Pages 7 & 8.
  • Corrected display of valid/invalid status of analog DME valid input on Maintenance Page 5.
  • Changed bootstrap output selection to be independent of FCS selection. Bootstrap selection is now on Maintenance Page 10.
  • Added support for analog NAV receivers which do not output composite signal.
  • Changed analog to/from input when using analog localizer input to match installation manual.
  • Corrected display of vertical flag and super flag output voltages on Maintenance Page 10.
3.00 – Released 12/5/2005
  • Coupled back course localizer approach sensitivity fixed.
  • WSI Datalink receiver precipitation and lightning support added.
  • Map database version displayed.
  • Multiple course pointer values removed to support GNS 430/530 auto coupled enroute to approach transitions.
  • Removed unnecessary annunciations for decluttering.
  • Improved TFC auto-range behavior.
  • Added support of NAV2 on GPS2 relays.
  • FCS maintenance page text revised to match pre-existing SN3308 installations.
  • Changed default quadrant for KMT 112 installations.
2.01 – Released 9/20/2005
  • Traffic display capability feature added.
  • King serial DME support added.
  • Analog DME support added.
  • KLN 94 OBS mode support added.
  • Menu button operation improvement.
  • Color display & color pallet improvement.
  • VDI flagging improvement.
  • Map range expanded to 1,000 miles.
1.02 – Released 6/29/2005
  • Commercial release.
1.00 – Released 5/12/2005
  • Initial release.