Compact and reliable, the SN3500 Primary Navigation Display is a sunlight readable, ultra-wide-angle LED-backlit display which combines advanced navigation capabilities with a full range of safety functions.

Incorporating the equivalent of a four-inch screen in a three-inch instrument, the SN3500 improves situational awareness by presenting compass, map, flight plan and RMI data in a bright, crisp, easy-to-read format. With LED backlighting the SN3500 is a proven and reliable drop-in replacement for your current 3-inch HSI. The SN3500 is both an easy and affordable retrofit for your aircraft or rotorcraft. Available with night vision option and TACAN support as well.

SN3500 KFXE approach PRAIZ March 2012

Operational & Functional Benefits

  • Bright, high-resolution, sunlight-readable LED-backlit display
  • 180-degree vertical and lateral viewing angle
  • GPSS/Roll Steering option included
  • Upgradeable system combines navigation with safety options such as weather information from an L-3 Stormscope®
  • >10,000 hour MTBF
  • Internal Jeppesen NavData™ database
  • Full-color moving map Nav
  • TSO’d and STC approved for use as a primary heading and Nav display
  • Vibration-resistant version optional for helicopter operations
  • Optional TACAN interface shows bearing and distance from one or two sources. Compatible with ARINC 429, ARINC 419 or XYZ Synchro output from TACAN receivers.
  • NVIS option available
  • Reversionary Attitude software option

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