SN3308 Software Information

SN3308 Software Version History

2.30 – Released 8/27/2008
  • Optional update to support ARINC 429 interface with GPS WAAS receivers. Will display GPS vertical guidance, GPS ‘Integrity’ annunciation and selected approach annunciators.
2.11 – Released 7/11/2008
  • Supports continuous display of the compass rose in amber when the DG Valid Flag becomes ‘Not Valid’. The compass rose will not be removed from the display.
2.10 – Released 4/25/2002
  • Corrected issue with communication with ARINC 429 GPS receivers upon power-on.
  • Updated operation during back course approach. Bottom CDI needle will not reverse sense when in ILS mode and course pointer is turned to greater than 90 degrees from lubber line. This will be annunciated with a ‘BC’ label above the bottom CDI needle.
  • Course lines will be drawn on a moving map in OBS mode when connected to Garmin GNS 430/530.
  • Moving map display enabled without activation of flight plan or direct-to when connected to Garmin GNS 430/530.
  • 400Hz Inverter Failed messaged delayed for 120 seconds after power-on.
  • ILS lockout setting in maintenance pages can not be enabled when connected to dual Garmin GNS 430/530s.
2.09 – Released 12/1/2000
  • Added support of heading information from the Mid-Continent 4305 directional gyro.
2.08 – Released 9/25/2000
  • Improved response when ARINC 429 GPS receiver experiences signal loss.
  • Improved response from dimmer potentiometer input.
2.07 – Released 7/14/2000
  • Added depiction of holding patterns, procedure turns and DME arcs when interfaced with Garmin GNS 430/530.
  • Added support of OBS/LEG switching from King KLN-89B.
  • Added support for UPSAT (IIMorrow) GX series GPS to recognize serial annunciator and deviation inputs.
  • Added support of expanded database which includes airports with non-verified runways.
  • Corrected a scenario where SN3308 would occasionally not recognize UPSAT (IIMorrow) GX series GPS units upon startup.
  • Corrected an issue with the CRS PTR feature where turning the heading bug knob would cause the course pointer to be displayed on the moving map even though it was hidden.
  • Corrected an issue where GPS flight plans were drawn without adjustment for magnetic variation if there is no map database file in memory.
  • Changed operation to continue to show vertical and horizontal deviation bars when gyro and fluxgate are flagged.
  • Changed operation such that loss of external 400HZ inverter does not affect compass card when a King KG-102 is used as the gyro source.
  • Minor changes to moving map drawing procedures to improve clarity.
  • Added new error message ‘INVERTER CONFIG ERROR’ to flag invalid system configuration when external 400Hz inverter is required.
  • Added new message ‘No Database Loaded’ when there is no map database file in memory.
  • Added presets for Century II, III and IV in FCS system maintenance page.
  • Added display of software version in system maintenance page.
  • Added support of heading information from ARINC 429 gyros.
  • Added BF Goodrich logo upon startup when WX-500 is installed.
2.05 – Released 3/2/2000
  • Corrected a scenario where the flash memory could be corrupted, resulting in the unit not powering up.
  • Corrected a scenario where the compass card could be erratic when used with an RS-232 GPS.
  • Corrected a scenario where pressing certain key combinations at the same time (pressing NAV and MAP simultaneously, for example) could cause the unit to be unable to access the map setup function.
  • Corrected a scenario where the A-B function could have corrupted setup parameters, resulting in the unit powering off when the A-B button was pressed.
  • Added the following diagnostic fields to maintenance page 2: FG error count, ADC re-sync count and 400Hz loss count.
  • Holding pattern, procedure turn and DME arc depictions from ARINC 429 data are temporarily removed.
2.03 – Released 1/21/2000
  • Corrected an occasional instability in the compass card which was observed on some installations using non KG 102 gyros.
  • Correctly flags invalid ARINC 429 GPS output.
  • Corrected an issue with keep alive power where SN3308 went through complete startup procedure following a brief power interruption instead of the quick startup procedure.
2.01 – Released 11/17/1999
  • Changed moving map functions to support internal Jeppesen database. Displays airports, navaids, intersections and airspace. Also displays course lines between active waypoints.
  • Added map auto-ranging functions through the up and down arrows.
  • Waypoints and course ines drawn in standard colors.
  • Added option to hide course pointer when moving map and course line from flight plan is shown.
  • Corrected handling of direct-to flight plans from II Morrow GPS units.
  • Improved graphics processing to eliminate ‘barber pole” effect in course pointer.
  • Improved gyro smoothing.
  • King FCS outputs now range to 12V.
  • Added HOLD annunciation for Trimble GPS.
  • Increased display time of software version on power-up.
  • Fluxgate frequency error now changes compass rose to amber.
  • Serial number now displayed in SYSTEM maintenance page.
  • Increased speed of software upload.
​1.34 – Released 5/27/1999
  • Fixed VOR/DME symbols sometimes missing from map.
  • Course/heading datum now independently settable for swapping H/C.
  • Sperry SPZ500 added to FCS menu.
1.33 – Released 5/19/1999
  • ‘GPS Invalid’ now draws an ‘X’ over LNAV annunciator and redlines MAP annunciator.
  • Supports II Morrow enhanced protocol for the GX series, allows map data over RS-232.
  • Supports Collins VIR-30A NAV receiver.
  • Supports ARINC 568 DME receivers.
  • Removes spurious ‘Lamp Test Failed’ messages.
  • Maintenance page changes:
    • FCS entries added for Cessna 400B
    • FCS gradients now in Volts/Degree
​1.32 – Released 3/28/1999
  • Support Garmin GNS 430 via ARINC 429 interface.
  • Allows selection of XYZ -180 as Gyro selection (Inadvertently removed on prior software.)
  • Maintenance Page 2 has additional diagnostics for fluxgate excitation.
  • Analog DME_VALID threshold moved to 3VDC to support Collins DME 451.
  • Supports MOD 1 hardware level.
1.17 – Released 3/12/1999
  • Now supports 2×5 tuning configuration for KN 62/64 DMEs.
  • Fluxgate status items now shown in Maintenance Page 2 for easier troubleshooting.
  • Fluxgate excitation noise immunity improved.
1.13 – Released 1/28/1999
  • Auto-slew function retains last known course if communication with GPS receiver is lost. This prevents an inadvertent course change.
  • Fixed a very rare situation in which a map waypoint may be incorrectly displayed when data source is an RS-232 GPS.
  • System is now compatible with Sandel Demonstrator Box without the need for special software.
1.12 – Released 1/2/1999
  • Northstar receivers are now supported and selectable in the LNAV setup pages.
​1.11 – Released 12/15/1998
  • Intermittent NAV bearing pointer fixed. The acceptable range of composite NAV signal levels has been increased, preventing an occasional flickering of the RMI bearing pointer when connected to NAV1 or NAV2.
1.09 – Released 11/25/1998
  • ILS Lockout is now selectable in setup.
1.08 – Released 10/29/1998
  • Heading bootstrap output now enabled.
  • NAV and glide slope needles are now visible even if flagged for the first 2 minutes after power-up.
  • Improvements to error handling of out-of-spec inverter frequencies.
  • Addition of software H/C swap (180 degree phase reversal) for all XYZ inputs.
  • Internal temperature displays in both F and C.
  • Actual cooling fan speed is now displayed.
1.04 – Released 7/17/1998
  • First major release.