Offshore Modes Now Available For Nighthawk Flight Systems ST3400H HeliTAWS® Display

Fulfilling Nighthawk Flight System, Inc’s commitment to focus on enhancing flight safety through innovation, Nighthawk is proud to announce the addition of Offshore modes to the industry leading ST3400H HeliTAWS® display. This capability will provide a new level of pilot awareness when servicing offshore oil platforms.

The New Offshore Modes will bring unmatched capability within the Nighthawk Flight System HeliTAWS® displays, which already set the industry standard for land-based HeliTAWS® functionality. Combining its TAWS expertise from thousands of installations in private, corporate, and air-transport airplanes and years of supplying civilian and military users with its 3” and 4” primary displays, Nighthawk now provides the Helicopter Offshore industry with the first multi-hazard avoidance system that alerts against Offshore obstacles and hazards as well as land-based wires, terrain, obstacles and traffic.

Nighthawk ST3400H HeliTAWS® Operational Benefits

  • Engineering based on the industry standard ST3400 Part 25 Class-A TAWS
  • Exceeds TSO C194 (HTAWS) standards.
  • WireWatch® & TruAlert®
  • Self-contained 3-ATI size allows the ST3400H to be installed in the place of an existing radar altimeter indicator, giving you two in one.
  • Displays ultra-high-resolution terrain, clearly identifiable obstacles, and current flight plan.
  • TSO’d traffic indicator when interfaced with an existing TAS or TCAS
  • ADS-B In traffic display when interfaced with a capable transponder
  • Integral Radar Altimeter Minimums (MINS) knob with aural and discrete outputs
  • Best display performance – ultra-high resolution, sunlight readable, LED-backlit display engine
  • MIL-STD-3009 Compliant Night Vision Display Option
  • >10,000 Hour MTBF
  • Tested to DO-160F helicopter vibration standards.
  • Offshore modes per RTCA DO-376
    • Mode 1: Excessive Rate of Descent
    • Mode 3A: Altitude Loss During Take-Off
    • Mode 3B: Loss of Airspeed During Take-Off
    • Modes 4A: Flight Near Terrain When Not in Landing Configuration
    • Modes 4B: Flight Near Terrain When Not in Landing Configuration at High Airspeeds
    • Mode 5: Excessive Downward Glideslope/Glidepath Deviation

Nighthawk Flight Systems, Inc., located in Vista, California, is the exclusive US-based manufacturer and technical services provider for the full product range of Nighthawk Displays.

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