Nighthawk Flight Systems, Inc. and Fieldtech Avionics & Instruments, Inc. Announce Nighthawk Flight Systems Displays Exchange Program

Nighthawk Flight Systems and Fieldtech Avionics & Instruments are announcing an innovative cooperative Exchange Program agreement to ensure enhanced AOG remedy service to our customers.

“We are committed to unparalleled customer support after installation” states David Lanning Nighthawk Chief Technology Officer. “Operators rely on keeping aircraft in the air and need to minimize downtime due to unscheduled maintenance. Down time means not meeting customer needs… and lost revenue. But it happens…things break. In order to reduce operator downtime, we are pleased to announce our partnership with Fieldtech Avionics & Instruments, Inc in ​the launch of our cockpit instrument exchange program. This partnership will provide expedited relief of AOG events.” 

Fieldtech Avionics & Instruments will maintain a thorough inventory of high demand new and factory repaired rotatable inventory of our display products that are available for immediate exchange. By utilizing the staff and infrastructure that Fieldtech provides in 24/7 support for providing exchange units, we are demonstrating our commitment to providing that support,

Fieldtech Avionics & Instruments was founded in 1975 in Fort Worth, Texas and has been providing aftermarket avionics support for 47 years. “There are a lot of options available to pilots when they are choosing their avionics packages,” said Kevin Nelms, President of Fieldtech Avionics & Instruments. “Pilots love innovative technology. The ease of navigation and situational awareness that Sandel flight displays provide has always captured their interest. But what they didn’t like was the risk of downtime. It can take days or weeks to get units repaired. “This new Exchange program will help our operators stay in the air.” 

The Nighthawk Flight System range of products include: a family of Terrain Avoidance and Warning System (TAWS) displays the ST3400 and HeliTAWS displays ST3400H, ST3453H that provide unparalleled information when flying ​close to the earth. The other key displays include: Nighthawk Flight Systems Primary Navigation displays SN3500 and SN4500 which now has ADSB-in capability for ADSB-in transponder equipped aircraft along with the Primary Heading display SA4550.

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